SEO Marketing Services for Houston

Targeted and measurable SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services that work including; PPC Search Marketing, Organic SEO, Landing Page Optimization and Local Geo Targeted Search

Search Engine Optimization with a Local Focus

I am a Local SEO Specialists who believe in the old fashion business model of a "Face to Face hand shake." This makes it personal, so my customers satisfaction and business success is important to me.

"The creative ingenuity and work ethic of my small business customers never ceases to amaze me. Many of them are just small Mom & Pop business that need my help to succeed and that inspires me to do better. Every day is a new adventure." Michael Klasno

What if you could always appear on page one of search results for terms directly related to your service or product? NOW YOU CAN, Contact Michael Klasno, the SERP Sniper to find out how. Call 281-706-9450